WeWork is a company which provides shared workspace, community, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses. WeWork designs and builds physical and virtual communities in which entrepreneurs share space and office services and have the opportunity to work together.

Shoreditch is responsible for the brand activation and Events of WeWork Netherlands. During the Amsterdam Dance Event we organized in cooperation with Morning Gloryville a office rave at WeWork’s office, and underlined their message that work doesn’t have to be boring. Afterwards we invaded with special speakers several offices in town, to convert the office for 10 minutes into a club. With this activation we’ve got exposure on the national news (20u journaal NOS), written press and internet.

Raven op kantoor behoort misschien niet tot je ochtendritueel, maar met ADE wordt het tijd om die kans te grijpen.– Metro


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Client : WeWork
Skills : Projects

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