Hot Tub Movie Club

Hot Tub Movie Club


Hot Tub Movie Club (HTMC) also known as the ‘Bubbelbad Bioscoop’, is a 10-day pop up cinema with 22 steaming hot tubs. Together with Softub, Heineken and Red Bull we created the perfect opportunity to get in contact with their target group. The event, which was sold out in les than 4 hours, generated worldwide media attention in several written and digital media.

A dream come true, een bubbelbad bioscoop!– Holland Style

‘Maar dit is iets om zeker één keer te doen in je leven.’– Parool

21 hottubs, 21.000 liter water, 150 badjassen en 2 bioscoopschermen– Balinnn’




Project Details

Client : Hot Tub Movie Club
Date : 03/09/2014
Skills : Events
Address : https://www.facebook.com/hottubmovieclub.nl

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