Disco Groceries

Disco Groceries


The plan is simple: turn a regular grocery store into a disco. Take a soundsystem, Dj’s and some 70th decorations to the grocerie store and turn it into something extraordinary. Doing the groceries were never this fun before. Even if it’s for 2 hours.  

The supermarket environment gave incredible possibilities for brands to play a relevant role. We developed several brand activations that blended in very easily and were relevant in terms of their brand strategy. Off course we did not develop standard sampling activation, we created a shopping list which could be used by visitors to shop for ‘free’ up to €10- from our partners. Additionally, we developed several tailor made activations. There was for example: a M&M’s shopping cart drive-in cinema, JBL had their own roller skating silent disco and Chio hosted a popcorn windturbine.

The news about Disco Groceries went viral in- and outside the Netherlands and got covered by all kinds of media. In the end of 2015 we brought the concept to Berlin with beer brand Warsteiner as our main partner.

Einkaufen zu Hip-Hop-, Electro- oder Techno-Klängen kann man seit Neuestem in der niederländischen Hauptstadt.– Bild

Altijd al willen dansen tussen de bananen?– Spits

Het idee circuleerde rond op internet en wij dachten meteen dat gaan we regelen. Boodschappen doen is zo saai.– AD

Algemeen Dagblad Disco Groceries

Algemeen Dagblad Disco Groceries

Radio538 Disco Groceries

Radio538 Disco Groceries




Project Details

Client : Discoboodschappen
Date : 03/09/2014
Skills : Events
Address : http://discoboodschappen.nl/

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