Neonsplash October 22, 2015

  Paint-Parties are the new live entertainment phenomenon that exploded into the dance-scene. Neonsplash is Europe’s biggest paint party. With 10.000 tickets available, this is the largest `Neonsplash ever. We announced the party, which resulted in a lot of media coverage on major news agencies and blogs. “15.000 liter vloeibare neon-verf in de Ziggo Dome– Dutch Cowboys“

Blood Rave

Blood Rave October 21, 2015

  Everybody knows the most iconic scene of ‘Blade’, where a nightclub turns into a Blood Rave. A lot of people wanted to experience this scene in real-life. So when Insight Entertainment wanted to throw a Halloween party, this idea was the first thing we thought of. With the Blood Rave, the entire crowd gets sprinkled with (fake) blood. After announcing this Halloween party into the media we achieved worldwide coverage in written and digital media. From Vice International to Metro…

Beyond festival

Beyond festival October 20, 2015

  Beyond is a new festival, where the crowd creates an entire new community in one day. Beyond doesn’t work with a timetable, and it sure isn’t the regular escape from Monday to Friday. We created a press release and positioned Beyond Festival as the Dutch answer to Burning Man. Beyond sold 3.000 tickets on the first day after our press release. Without spending any money on advertisement, the event sold 7.000 tickets in 1,5 weeks. “Geen mainstage, geen blokkenschema,…

Air Castle Festival

Air Castle Festival October 19, 2015

  Air Castle Festival is a festival in Amsterdam. While bouncing to the beats of various DJ’s adults can relive their childhood by jumping all day on the bright air castles. After our press release, Air Castle Festival got covered by all major news agencies including the biggest radio channels: 3FM, Qmusic and Radio 538. As a result of our press release, the festival got over 30k attendings on Facebook, 2 million media impressions , 20,000 subscriptions to join the event and…

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony October 18, 2015

Marc Anthony, the two-time Grammy and five-time Latin Grammy winner has sold more than 12 million albums worldwide. The artist who’s best known for his Latin salsa numbers and ballads. We announced his first concert in the Netherlands and managed the social platforms of Pal Mundo, Europe’s biggest salsa event company. Most Dutch news media picked up the event. Result, they sold more then 2.000 tickets after the announcement in the media.

Nicky Jam

Nicky Jam October 17, 2015

The Dutch Latin festival and concert organizer Pal Mundo gets Nicky Jam over to the Netherlands during Amsterdam Dance Event. Nicky Jam is well known for his #1 hit ‘El Perdón’. We made the announcement of his concert in the Netherlands, and the news got covered on the most important entertainment en music media in the Netherlands.

Floating Market

Floating Market October 5, 2015

Sail Amsterdam is one of the largest maritime manifestations in the world, and the largest event of any kind in the Netherlands. Tens of tall ships and hundreds of other historical ships are involved. Supermarketchain Dirk van den Broek wanted to participate in this event and organized a floating market where free groceries were given away to the crowd. Shoreditch agency released the PR message for this event and improved the concept to realize more media attention. The news was…

Ferro Dome

Ferro Dome March 20, 2014

Ferro Dome is the new home for innovative music, dance and business events. The former old gas-holder has been converted into a new big party venue in Rotterdam. We announced the opening of this new location and the news got covered by major Dutch media news outlets and resulted in more then 15.000 Facebook likes in 1 week.


DekaMarkt March 19, 2014

DekaMarkt is a Dutch retail company which operates a chain of supermarkets in the country. Dirk Kat opened his first store in 1941 selling groceries in Velsen-Noord. Nowadays the store is all over the country and has 51 stores. We announced their ‘Mespunten’ saving campaign in the Dutch media. The news got picked up by some supermarket industry media.

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