About us

Our team consists of highly experienced and seasoned professionals with their own specific background in PR, events and FMCG brand management.  With our different backgrounds, boredom is what us connected. Yes, we were bored with al the typical standards and conventions we all experienced in our different specialisms. Because of our believe in getting things done in a fresh way, and our close network of key influencers we are successful in creating concepts that are highly valued by the target group.

We always want to be original, conventional and shakes up the industry. Which enables us, and you and your costumers to have serious fun in the process.

Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.

About Shoreditch

We understand the world is changing, the current generation understands the world of advertisement and won’t be reached with standard advertising campaigns anymore. We know that TV commercials don’t have a smell, pay-offs can’t hug, and prints don’t taste like chocolate.  We believe that the memory to a (brand) experience is the only way to create an emotional relationship (with the brand).

With our concepts we create these memories. And, even more important, with our PR strategy, these memories will be implemented in a great number of consumers.  All our concepts reached a wide range of media, both national as international and online and offline.

We create memories throughout experiences and these memories are very powerful. Just ask your therapist.

Our believe is so strong in this approach that we will launch our own (sleep)startup soon in which this philosophy will be leading.

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